Employee Relations

Employee Relations

Positive employee-employer relationships are key to ensuring that your business thrives.

Unfortunately, at times relationships between employers and employees can break down and result in workplace disputes. Our team has over 20 years’ expertise in resolving these issues in an amicable and timely matter, ensuring minimal disruption so that your organisation and its staff can stay on track.

Our HR Consultants offer support in the following subject matters;

  • Absence Management
  • Business Transfers
  • Disciplinary Management
  • Grievance Management
  • Redundancy
  • Settlement Agreements


Short and long term Absence management

Absence management can be complex, as persistent absences can substantially impact upon business productivity and employee morale, as well as being costly to a business. Meanwhile, it is often extremely important to manage absence effectively to successfully return the employee in question back to work.

We offer the following in-line with ACAS Best Practice absence management guidance;

  • Implementing tailored absence management systems to track and trend absences
  • Coaching in managing short and long term ill-health cases
  • Management or coaching through complex long term ill-health cases such as mental health, Oncological cases, HIV
  • Advice on dealing with AWOL (absent without leave) process and procedure appropriately
  • Advice on any other absence issues including that of bereavement


Business Transfers/ Service Provision Changes (TUPE) 

When two businesses merge, a business changes ownership or part of your business is transitioned to a new service provider, your employees could be protected by a piece of legislation called TUPE. (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment regulations 2006).

TUPE protects employees’ contractual rights, allowing them to move through business transition while retaining their current terms and conditions. Failure to consult on this process leaves an organisation subject to financial penalties, so it is crucial to ensure that you carry out the process appropriately.

We recognise that this process can be complicated and time consuming. We therefore offer to manage your TUPE process including coaching managers on the consultation process, drafting of all company material, and providing all information to the new employer in good time to ensure legal compliance. 


Grievance management  

Grievances can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes ranging from an email to a verbal issue, and even if the individual raising the complaint does not define it as a grievance, it is still necessary to ensure that you manage the issue in an appropriately formal manner. We advise on how and when to deal with such matters, including attending hearings, giving counsel on best practice and assessing the level of legal risk to your business.


Disciplinary management

From written warning to dismissal, we guide your managers in resolving a disciplinary case from beginning-to-end. This includes recommending the appropriate level of sanction, advising on any associated risks and providing template material such as hearing invites, manager guidance and outcome letters. Where required, we can also provide our own disciplinary policy and tailor it to your organisation.



Redundancy can occur for a number of reasons, and when it is the result of a company restructure or cessation in work, it is critical that employers ensure that the selection process is fair to avoid an unfair dismissal claim.

We offer support in:

  • Beginning-to-end redundancy case management
  • Clear guidance on appropriate selection criteria
  • Statutory redundancy pay calculations
  • Drafting of all consultation and communication materials on behalf of your organisation
  • Line Manager coaching on best practice redundancy process, should you wish for your managers to lead the process


Settlement Agreements: Drafting and Negotiations

Previously called Compromise Agreements, Settlement Agreements came in to effect in July 2013. These documents are legally binding written agreements that mean an employee waives their right to make a claim covered by the agreement, to an employment tribunal.

We take the hassle out of drafting Settlement Agreements on behalf of employers and liaise and negotiate on monetary amounts with both the employee, ACAS (through any pre-conciliation) and potentially their solicitor. We ensuring the most efficient result for you and your organisation.